How to Donate a Car to Susan G. Komen OrganizationHow to Donate a Car to
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Tel: 1-855-DONATION
Tel: 1-855-366-2846


Donate your car to Susan G. Komen® and help save lives. Donating a vehicle is easy, and whether it’s running or not, your donated vehicle will help move us forward in the mission to end breast cancer forever.

Every donated car, truck, boat, and RV to Susan G. Komen means more breakthrough research to prevent and cure breast cancer.

Just imagine what you could do with all that extra space in your garage or driveway without that extra vehicle in the way–then imagine the possibilities in a world without breast cancer.

Donating a vehicle is easy.

Join the many other vehicle donors fueling the fight to save lives... by donating your car today.

Komen Car Donation Program
Call 24 hours a day / 7 days

Tel: 1-855-DONATION 1-855-366-2846

Did you know that 1 in 8 women in the U.S. will be diagnosed with breast cancer at some point in her lifetime? That’s one woman diagnosed every two minutes. That’s unacceptable! It doesn’t have to be this way.

Take action today and turn your idle vehicle into an instrument of change. The process is easy, the pick-up is free, and your gift is tax-deductible.

Susan G. Komen takes a comprehensive approach to the fight against breast cancer by advocating for the breast cancer community, working to fund research breakthroughs, and ensuring all patients receive the care they need. The proceeds from the sale of your car donation, truck donation, or even boat donation to Susan G. Komen will help provide the necessary funding for research aimed at finding new ways to detect, treat and prevent breast cancer.

Susan G. Komen has been designated by the IRS as a 501c3 charity and can accept all types of vehicle donations, like cars, boats, trucks, motorcycles, and RVs.

Our friendly and experienced donor support team is available all week, including Sundays, to answer your questions about donating a car, truck, and more.

Monday thru Sunday 24 hours
Tel: 1-855-DONATION  1-855-366-2846

* Susan G. Komen® Car Donation Program accepts 2 or 3 cars during same telephone call.

How To Donate Your Car to Susan G. Komen®

Call us toll-free 1-855-DONATION (1-855-366-2846), and provide your car donation information. Vehicle donations may qualify for an IRS tax deduction and every vehicle donation to Susan G. Komen and affiliated chapters paves the road for the cure!

Once our office receives your vehicle information, our Vehicle Donor Support Team will contact you and arrange to have your vehicle picked up from one of our preferred licensed tow drivers. Towing is at no cost to you whether the vehicle is running or not! Upon pickup, you will receive a donation receipt. Please review the FAQs for more information regarding tax benefits.